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Membership Policy

When do these terms and conditions apply?

When you first register for an online account with our company.

You agree that these terms and conditions apply to any points you earn.

Should you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions, please contact us using the contact details listed at the end of this document.


How does the Rewards Program work & how do you earn reward points?

Reward points are earned when you purchase goods via our online ordering system. Reward points are not valid or redeemable until the goods are paid for in full. Points are calculated on the number of Australian dollars charged to your account or credit card in connection with purchase of the goods (including any GST payable in respect of the goods and freight costs).


How are points calculated?

Member: 1 point per $1 you spend (including GST & delivery)

You may also receive bonus points per dollar spent from time to time at the discretion of our company and any special promotions initiated by our company. Special terms and conditions applying to these will be advised at the time of the promotion if different to the standard terms and conditions.

If you return any goods purchased on your account or credit card, this will result in points being debited from your points record. The number of points deducted from your points record will be calculated in accordance with the rate at which you were earning points at the time of the original purchase.


When will you not earn points?

While points are earned when you purchase and make full payment of goods, please note that points are not earned in respect of the following:
- Order samples
- Bonus products


How long do you have to use your points?

Your points will not expire but in some circumstances set out in these terms and conditions, you may not be entitled to them or be able to claim rewards (and we may correct your points record by deleting any points invalidly earned).

If you close your account, you must use your points within 30 days after the account is closed. You will not be able to use your remaining unused points after that period to claim rewards or discounts.


When can I claim a reward?

You may claim a reward if you have sufficient points on your points balance at the time of your claim. The number of points required for each reward is available through our corporate website. You can only select rewards current at the time you claim a reward. You must have earned at least 100 points before you can claim a reward unless we advise otherwise.


How do I claim a reward?

Rewards can only be claimed by logging into our corporate website. Rewards can only be claimed individually. Various products/services cannot be claimed on the one reward claim as they may come from various suppliers. Reward claims cannot be processed via telephone or email requests.

How are awards delivered?

For rewards which are delivered, you should allow 5 business days for gift cards/vouchers and 10-15 business days for other rewards to be dispatched from the time you make your request for delivery of your reward. We will arrange for your reward to be delivered to the postal address you nominate on the redemption form. The delivery address cannot be a PO Box unless the reward is a gift card or voucher. The delivery address must be an address in Australia. Where there is a delay in delivery we will notify you and provide you with the option to change your reward. You may be charged for delivery of your reward if it is a large or bulky item.

We will tell you about the delivery charges before they are incurred. We may require that gift cards for a relatively high value and certain other rewards are couriered rather than posted. We will let you know where this is the case and may require you to pay the courier charges.

Neither we nor our agents are responsible if a reward (including a gift card) is lost, stolen or damaged after it has been dispatched for reasons beyond our reasonable control.


What are the rewards?

The rewards available at any time are set out on our corporate website. All rewards are subject to availability and substitutions may be necessary. We will only substitute rewards where we reasonably consider they are comparable. All rewards are subject to specific conditions on which the provider of the reward makes the reward available. If there is any inconsistency between them and these terms and conditions, the specific conditions prevail.

Travel Rewards

You may redeem points for travel if listed on the website. Travel rewards may be offered by the travel provider who is a redemption partner. Our company takes no responsibility for any travel/booking services provided by external providers.


Gift Cards

You may redeem your points for gift cards which our company will have sent to you direct by the Gift Card supplier. Gift cards are to be redeemed with the reward provider specified on the gift card. If the gift card contains and expiry date, it cannot be used after that time and points will not be re-credited to you if you do not use a gift card or the card’s preloaded amount. You cannot redeem gift cards for cash, cheques, money orders or other payment instruments.

You cannot cancel a reward claim

If you claim a reward, you cannot change or cancel that claim nor can you exchange or return a reward to obtain a re-credit of the relevant points.


Charity Donations

You may redeem your points for a donation to a participating charity. You should make your own inquiries with your tax advisor as to whether such a redemption gives rise to any tax deductions. 

Merchandise Rewards

You may redeem your points for specified merchandise. Our company rewards team will arrange for these rewards to be delivered to the address nominated on your redemption form.

Points plus Pay Option

Our Rewards Program does not offer a points plus pay option if you have insufficient points.


Communications re the Rewards Programme and your Rewards Balance, Claims and Special Offers

We will send communications only via your nominated email address or through messages online when you log into your Rewards Account. You must tell us if you change your email address.

Changes to the Rewards Program

We may change these terms and conditions and other aspects of our Rewards Program at any time. For example, we may:

  • Change the way you earn points;
  • Change the way you redeem points;
  • Introduce fees or vary fees we have introduced (for example, delivery charges on reward redemptions); and
  • Change the specific conditions on which awards are made available.
  • We will provide at least 30 day’s prior notice of changes, unless we reasonably consider the change to be non-material in nature.

We are not responsible if you cannot claim or redeem a reward for reasons beyond our reasonable control. However, in these circumstances, where your points have not been converted, you may claim an alternative available award.


How do you keep track of your points and rewards entitlements?

Logging into your Rewards Account via our corporate website will enable you to display your points record including points that have been credited to your points balance.

New points are updated to our Rewards Program 2-5 business days after full payment of the associated order .

Points can be used to claim rewards as soon as they have been processed and have been added to your points record. If you have any questions in relation to the points information displayed on your Rewards Account, please contact us. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 2 business days.

If you think you are entitled to more points than the Rewards Account shows, you may be required to also send copies of the relevant invoices and remittances showing the transactions for which you believe you are entitled to the additional points. Before you do this, please check your points records carefully. We will investigate all queries and make the final decision if there is any dispute. We may adjust your total points (backdating the adjustment if necessary) if points have been incorrectly credited or debited for any reason.

Points do not have monetary value

Points are not property and do not have any monetary value except in respect of the value assigned to them by our Rewards Program and may not be transferred, sold, bequeathed or inherited.


Reward points cannot be claimed as part of a deceased estate

Points can only be redeemed for rewards and are not convertible into cash. Points are just used to record your entitlement to claim a reward.


We may terminate our Rewards Program at any time.

We will notify you as soon as practicable of the termination and the time period in which you may use your points to claim rewards (which will be at least 90 days from the date we advise you the Reward Program will cease).

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